AHJ Name

You and your teams can now have reliable information about Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) within seconds of creating a project in Aurora. With ahj_id field in Retrieve project API, Retrieve AHJ API, ahj_lookup_completed webhook event, your developers have the tools to keep your IT ecosystem (including your CRM) in sync with AHJ information in Aurora.

On project creation, Aurora looks up the AHJ which contains the project’s property address according to the US Census TIGER/Line Legal Boundary Shapefiles. The AHJ assignment happens asynchronously, so the AHJ may still be null immediately after project creation. You can subscribe to the ahj_lookup_completed webhook event to be notified when the asynchronous AHJ assignment is complete and retrieve the AHJ name via Retrieve AHJ API. See Retrieve AHJ name tutorial for more details.