Projects API: Admin Owner Validation

We fixed an error where we previously required a tenant Admin to be on the project’s assigned Team. Now, Aurora does not validate that a tenant Admin with owner_id belongs to the team with team_id when you make calls to Project Create and Project Update endpoints.


Projects API: Owner Validation Bug Fix

When using Teams, Aurora now validates that the owner with owner_id is a valid user in your tenant when you make calls to Project Create and Project Update endpoints. This validation assures that your users indeed can see projects that you want them to see.


Projects API: Auto-Assigned Teams

When using Teams, on project creation via API, team_id will default to the team of the owner_id if the project owner belongs to only one team. With this change, you no longer have to explicitly set team_id, reducing the effort and complexity of your integration with Aurora.


Filters in Webhooks Dashboard

You can now add filters to your webhook subscriptions in the Webhooks Dashboard. With webhook filters, you have fine control over which events in your Aurora tenant will notify your applications.


Improved Webhook Tests

Webhook tests in the Webhook Dashboard will now trigger even if the underlying webhook is not enabled yet. With this change, your developers can easily validate that the webhook target app works as designed before enabling a webhook subscription.


Web Proposal API and Webhook Event

With Web Proposal API, you can assure that your IT ecosystem (e.g., your CRM) has a valid link to the interactive proposal in Aurora. Your sales team, in turn, can share the publicly available Web Proposal link with the homeowner.


AHJ Name

You and your teams can now have reliable information about Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) within seconds of creating a project in Aurora. With ahj_id field in Retrieve project API, Retrieve AHJ API, ahj_lookup_completed webhook event, your developers have the tools to keep your IT ecosystem (including your CRM) in sync with AHJ information in Aurora.


Site Address in List Projects API

List Projects API endpoint returns the site address now. If you want to avoid creating duplicate projects for the same site address in Aurora, you can do so with List Projects API.


“Design Created” Webhook Event

You can now trigger design_created webhooks when a new design is created in Aurora. With design_created webhooks, you can be sure that your IT ecosystem (including your CRM) always has complete, up-to-date Aurora design information regardless of how designs were created: manually by your users in Aurora, by accepting Aurora’s Expert Design Service designs, or programmatically via Sync API.


AutoDesigner API: Energy Target with the flexibility of MaxFit (+microinverters and the Aurora sim)

In the past, you could run AutoDesigner API in two modes: place as many panels on the roof as possible (max fit mode) and place only the optimal set of panels that reach the desired production target (energy mode). AutoDesigner API MaxFit mode can now generate a system that recommends optimal panels that meet an energy target while leaving your sales team the flexibility to toggle panels with the customer.