Update Pricing API

With the Update Design Pricing API, you can programmatically set the flat system cost or price per watt for a design. You can also create adders and discounts with the Create Adder API and delete them with the Delete Adder API. These APIs enable your team to more flexibly price your designs by bringing in calculated values from your own pricing calculators for each design in Aurora.


AHJ requirements in Retrieve AHJ API

Retrieve AHJ API now returns wind code, wind speed, snow load, and max span for the AHJ that your project falls under. With the new fields, you can streamline your post-sales design workflows including racking design.


Auto-disabling failed webhooks

If all retries for a webhook subscription fail within a 48 hour period, the webhook will be automatically disabled to avoid excessive load on Aurora's systems. A webhook subscription must have at least 100 attempts within the 48 hours to be considered for auto-disabling. After the failure is resolved, you can re-enable the webhook subscription in the webhooks dashboard or using Webhooks API.


Ground mount flag in Design Summary API

You can now identify grounded-mounted arrays using the ground_mounted field in Design Summary API. The flag indicates whether panels are mounted on the ground (true) or on a roof surface (false). With the new field, you can apply alternative solar workflows to ground mounts.


Array layout in Racking Arrays API

You can now retrieve the layout of each array using Retrieve Racking Arrays API. With the layout data, you can streamline your racking design workflow and automate PV system design validation.


Delete Project API

You can now programmatically delete projects from your Aurora tenant using Delete Project API, so you can easily manage and maintain an accurate list of projects across any system in your stack.


Create Project Asset API

You can now create a project asset by uploading an image or document via Create Project Asset API. If you’re using the Aurora Plan Sets service, the new API enables you to automatically upload site survey pictures and other digital files pertinent to your plan set request.


Height in Roof Summary API

Roof Summary API now returns the effective mean roof height and the mean height for each roof face. Measured in accordance with ASCE 7-16, the effective mean roof height is calculated as the highest mean height of roof faces with panels on them. With the roof height information, you can streamline your roof replacement quoting as well as post-sale solar workflows including racking system design.


Roof shape in Roof Summary API

Roof Summary API now returns the roof shape as flatmonopitchhip, or gable. If a shape cannot be determined, undefined will be returned. With the roof shape, you can can streamline your post-sale solar workflows including racking system design.


Plan Sets API

With the Plan Sets API, you can programmatically create plan set requests and retrieve plan set documents. You can also receive notifications in real-time when a plan set request’s status changes by subscribing to the plan_set_request_status_changed webhook event.