Electrical information in Plan Sets API

To enable Aurora designers to build better quality plan sets, we ask you to provide electrical information when making Create Plan Set Request API requests. The required fields are “Main Panel Location” and “Main Bus Rating”. But you can also pass 12 additional, optional fields to better describe electrical properties of the project.

	"plan_set_request": {
    "electrical_information": {
      "main_panel_location": "Below the meter", // required
      "main_bus_rating": 125, // required
      "main_breaker_rating": 100,
      "service_type": "single-phase-3-wire-120-240v",
      "feeder_type": "overhead",
      "utility_meter_location": "north-interior",
      "existing_grounding": "ground-rod",
      "existing_grounding_location": "Below the meter",
      "main_service_panel_manufacturer": "Square D",
      "main_panel_upgrade": true,
      "main_panel_upgrade_bus_rating": 225,
      "main_panel_upgrade_main_breaker_rating": 200,
      "inverter_location": "North west corner of the house, behind the fence.",
      "electrical_notes": "Thin breakers to make space for the PV breaker."