AutoDesigner API: Flat and Pitched Face Parameters

You can now customize panel tilt, spacing, and orientation depending on whether a roof face is flat or pitched in order to align with your design and installation best practices and maximize irradiance and system production.

  1. Define the degree threshold above which a roof is considered pitched: pitched_face_tilt_threshold_deg (new field).
  2. Set default fields for column spacing, row spacing, panel tilt, and panel orientation: column_spacing_meters (existing field), row_spacing_meters (existing field), panel_tilt_deg (new field), and orientations (existing field).
  3. Then, set following fields (all new) if you would like the corresponding behavior for flat faces to be different from the default fields:

flat_face_column_spacing_meters, flat_face_row_spacing_meters, flat_face_panel_tilt_deg, and flat_face_orientations.

See Run AutoDesigner endpoint documentation for more details.