Run AutoDesigner

Run AutoDesigner on a design.


This endpoint is not provisioned by default in all tenants. For availability, please contact your Aurora account team.

Note that this is an asynchronous endpoint. See the Asynchronous Endpoints appendix for more info.

There are currently 2 run modes available for AutoDesigner:

  • max_fit: Places the maximum number of panels possible within the constraints passed in through placement_options.

    • Only takes solar_panels in the components input parameter, will ignore other components.
    • Optionally include an energy target (yearly kWh) to enable a set of panels that approximately produce the target energy. The rest of the panels (that max_fit the remaining roof) will be disabled, meaning they will not affect the performance simulation but users of the app can toggle them on or off as necessary.
  • energy: Places components to generate energy production that is as close as possible to the target field (in kWh) within the constraints passed in through placement_options

In order to find the IDs for components to use, you need to use the Aurora application. Go to for a list of all components, or:

Click on a component and the ID will be included in the URL. Ex:

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