This action allows you to run AutoDesigner on a design.


This is a Platform API endpoint. See the Aurora Solar API section for details.

Note that this is an asynchronous endpoint. See the Asynchronous Endpoints appendix for more info.

There are currently 2 run modes available for AutoDesigner:

  • max_fit: Places the maximum number of panels possible within the constraints passed in through placement_options.

    • Only takes solar_panels in the components input parameter, will ignore other components.
  • energy: Places components to generate energy production that is as close as possible to the target field (in kWh) within the constraints passed in through placement_options

    • Will ignore min_sap and min_tsrf for the placement_options input parameter in this mode.

In order to find the IDs for components to use, you need to use the Aurora application. Go to for a list of all components, or:

Click on a component and the ID will be included in the URL. Ex:

Click Try It! to start a request and see the response here!