Retrieve Design Pricing

Retrieve the pricing of a design.

This action allows you to retrieve the details of the pricing of a design. A design's price in Aurora can be comprised of multiple components, returned in order as system_cost_breakdown. Storage is priced separately and the details returned as storage_system_cost_breakdown. The total system cost, including storage, is returned as system_cost.

The system cost components include:

  • starting_cost: Some tenants can define a constant starting cost for each design.

  • base_cost: Base cost is defined by the pricing mode: flat system cost, cost breakdown, or price per watt (or price per watt-hour, for storage). All systems with pricing have a base cost.

  • adders_without_discounts: A design can include multiple adders: flat, system size, percent, or per module. This cost component includes all adders with positive values.

  • adders: This cost component includes all adders with negative values (discounts).

  • incentives: This cost component includes all upfront grants that reduce the system cost.

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