Irradiance Analysis


These endpoints are not provisioned by default in all tenants. For availability, please contact your Aurora account team.

Note that this is an asynchronous set of endpoints. See the Asynchronous Endpoints appendix for more info.

In Aurora, an irradiance analysis is a simulation of the amount of solar energy that will be available to a solar installation over the course of the year, given any shade that is present as well as the local weather patterns. From the Aurora API, after using this set of endpoints to trigger and check the status of an irradiance analysis job, shading data (monthly SAP and annual TSRF) can be accessed via the Design Summary endpoint on a per-array basis.

Upon successful completion of an irradiance analysis job, a new panels irradiance analysis will saved for the corresponding design_id. Note that the pre-existing panels irradiance analysis will be replaced when the new job completes.