Design Assets

Users within Aurora have the ability to create design assets. A design asset is a file that was created for a specific design within Aurora. Design assets are binary assets, such as screenshots, DXF files or PDFs. For example, when a user takes a CAD screenshot in the CAD view (2D or 3D) or generates a layout DXF file, the asset (file) gets persisted and can be queried through the API. Design assets can also be uploaded via the API.


Download Image menu item in Aurora Design Mode

Currently, the supported assets are:

  • The Layout DXF file downloaded by an Aurora user

  • The CAD screenshot (2D or 3D) downloaded by an Aurora user

  • The CAD screenshot automatically captured on last in-app save in Aurora. This feature is not provisioned by default in all tenants. For availability, please contact your Aurora account team.

  • Racking assets uploaded through the API such as spec sheets, installation manuals, certification documents, CAD files, and engineering reports.

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