These endpoints are part of the Platform API. See the Aurora Solar API section for details.

Note that this is an asynchronous set of endpoints. See the Asynchronous Endpoints appendix for more info.

In Aurora, a performance simulation is a a detailed simulation of the energy production of a solar installation over the course of the year. From the Aurora API, after using this set of endpoints to trigger and check the status of a performance simulation job, annual and hourly energy production for the system can be accessed via the Design Summary endpoint.

Upon successful completion of a performance simulation job, new simulation results will saved for the corresponding design_id. Note that the pre-existing simulation results will be replaced when the new job completes. Additionally, upon completion of the asynchronous job, a webhook can be sent out to: https://HOST/PATH/performance_simulation_job_completion?design_id=<DESIGN_ID>&job_id=<JOB_ID>&status=<STATUS>

  • <DESIGN_ID> is the ID of the design for which the performance simulation was run.

  • <JOB_ID> is the ID identifying the specific performance simulation job.

  • <STATUS> is the status of the completed performance simulation job ("succeeded" or "failed").

To set up this webhook, please contact your Aurora Account Executive or the Aurora support team at [email protected]