Retrieve Roof Summary

Retrieve summary of all roofs for a design.

In Aurora, a roof is a set of roof faces within 1 square foot of each other. A roof's area is the sum of its roof face areas. Note that the pitch for a roof is only returned if all faces in the roof have the same pitch.

Please note for simple roof faces in Aurora, roof edge types are not set automatically, and will need to be set manually when designing a roof. Roofs created with SmartRoof and AI Roof will automatically have edge types set.

We determine the shape of each roof face using the following heuristics in the order listed:

  • Flat: roof with 2:12 slope (9.46 degrees) or less
  • Monopitch: roof with a single face with a pitch greater than 2:12 (9.46 degrees)
  • Hip: roof where the length of hip edges is greater than the length of rake edges
  • Gable: roof with at least one rake

Units for all lengths and areas will be imperial or metric depending on the tenant setting in the Aurora app.

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