Be notified when projects are sold

This tutorial shows how to notify your IT systems when a project is marked as “sold” in Aurora.

How It Works

When a project is assigned a pre-defined status (e.g. “Project Sold”) by a user in Aurora, a project_status_changed webook fires, notifying your target system that a project has been sold.

Getting Started

To complete this tutorial, you will need:

  • your Aurora tenant to be on the Custom or Business plan,
  • your Aurora tenant to use the current API version,
  • your Aurora bearer token,
  • your Aurora tenant_id,
  • URL to deliver Aurora webhooks to.

You or any Administrator for your Aurora tenant can retrieve the token and tenant id from the API Settings page.

Step 1. Setup “Project Sold” status.

  • Login to Aurora, head to the Settings page, and under the General section find the Project Statuses.
  • Click on ‘Add a Status’ to create a custom status.
  • Add “Project Sold” status.

Step 2. Subscribe to project_status_updated webhook event.

Subscribe to project_status_updated webhook event and filter it to “Project Sold” status only. You can use the Webhooks dashboard (or Webhooks API) to create the webhook subscription, pointing webhooks to your application that will process them.

Step 3. On webhook receipt, perform subsequent workflow steps in your IT systems.

For example, you might want to Retrieve design summary from Aurora or kick off downstream steps in your IT systems.

Your user updates the project status in Aurora

Your user updates the project status in Aurora

Your user updates the project status in Aurora

//Webhook query string payload that your app will receive on the status update


  • Consider using a webhook test site like to verify that your webhook subscription is live.