Retrieve Web Proposal URL

This tutorial shows how to retrieve a URL to the publicly available interactive proposal.

How It Works

You can share a Sales Mode proposal with the homeowner via a public Web Proposal URL. On URL creation in Sale Mode, you will receive a webhook with the salient design_id that you can use to retrieve Web Proposal URL.

Getting Started

To complete this tutorial, you will need:

  • your Aurora tenant to be on the Custom or Business plan,
  • your Aurora tenant to use the current API version,
  • your Aurora bearer token,
  • your Aurora tenant_id,
  • URL to deliver Aurora webhooks to.

You or any Administrator for your Aurora tenant can retrieve the token and tenant id from the API Settings page.

Step 1. Subscribe to web_proposal_url_created webhook event.

Subscribe to web_proposal_url_created webhook event using the Webhook dashboard or via Webhooks API, pointing webhooks to your application that will process them.

//POST <{tenant_id}/webhooks>

  "webhook": {
    "description": "Web proposal URL created",
    "event": "web_proposal_url_created",
    "url_template": "<<DESIGN_ID>&source=<SOURCE>"
    "enabled": true

Step 2. On webhook receipt, retrieve the URL.

On the web_proposal_url_created webhook receipt, use Retrieve Web Proposal API to retrieve the URL and store it in the target system.

/Webhook query string payload


//HTTP 200 response
  "url": "",
  "url_expired": false

Step 3. If URL has expired, re-generate it.

Generate a Web Proposal URL and store it in the target system.

// POST{tenant_id}/designs/{design_id}/web_proposal/generate_url

//HTTP 200 response
  "url": "",
  "url_expired": false


  • By default, the Web Proposal URL expires after 30 days. Please contact your Aurora account team if you need to increase that default.
  • You can limit webhooks to only URLs created in the UI (as opposed to API) using a webhook filter {"<SOURCE>": ["APP"]} .
  • Consider using a webhook test site like to verify that your webhook subscription is live.