The Aurora API lets you build apps and integrations with the Aurora platform. We offer two families of APIs:

Sync API

Enables your organization to scale by creating efficient and seamless workflows, minimizing data loss, mistakes, and time to make manual data transfers. With the Sync API you can, for example:

  • Create, retrieve, and update projects
  • Create, retrieve, and accept design requests
  • Create and retrieve design details including simulation outputs
  • Retrieve design assets, pricing, financings, and agreements

Sync APIs are REST APIs listed in the Reference section except the 3 Platform API endpoints.

Platform API

Gives your developers fine control over how Aurora's advanced solar design technology is used in your own applications. With the Platform API, innovators in your organization can reinvent how your company engages with your customers and how your internal teams orchestrate the work.

Client SDK >
AutoDesigner API >
Irradiance Analysis API >
Performance Simulation API >

To learn more about which API is right for you, please contact your Aurora Account Executive. If you need help implementing the APIs, please reach out to the Aurora support team at [email protected]